Footwear Trends and Footwear that I love

Footwear trends and Footwear I love.

Shopping for footwear has become convenient by e-shopping. Buying online also gives you the best deals, variety of styles and colors. All the brands are not very expensive in comparison to buying in malls. It is very difficult to the middle class of populace who cannot afford to by the high end brands like Hermes, Dolce and Gabanna, Salvatore Ferragano and Jimmy Choo.  The poorer sections of the society will still buy from cheaper stores. It is only the rich class of people who will actually purchase these brands as they are affordable, in fashion and comfortable. Many people wear brands also because they see other people wearing it and want to copy them which is not true.

As I would not get my size in footwear that easily I used to do my shopping from Westside and I felt that even though am not buying a popular brand their footwear is trendy and comfortable to wear for a longer period of time.  I have over a period of time discovered a very good couture in pune and I suggest that.

polka dot flip flops.png

Shradha  Hedau Footwear Couture Pvt Ltd.
335/ ABC, 1, Shree Swami Samartha,
Near Ranade High School,
Shanivar Peth, Pune- 30.

Contact Number:+918411993355.

I recently placed an order with Shraddha Hedau Couture in Pune where Shraddha the designer helped me design my first pair of loafers.  I have also designed other sandals from Shraddha Hedau like wedges, gladiators with heels and flat gladiators.

off white gladiators heels.png

Wedges are more popular these days.  Flats are generally seen with ladies at work. Stilettos can be worn once a while as they are more party wear foot wear. Soft and padded shoes are comfortable to wear and are preferred especially for people who have delicate skin. Block heels are in fashion now and are very comfortable in terms of a perfect fit.

gold block heels edited-1

black matte stilletos edited-1

The  brands that are available in malls in pune for example phoenix market city mall are Zara, Mango, Clarks, Charles and Keith, Steve Madden and Aldo. I used to have a Charles and Keith gray pair of sandals when I used to fit into it. I bought a pair of smart black aldo shoes for my Paris holiday.  The shoes are trendy and comfortable to wear when I have to walk a lot during the whole day.

black and red aldo shoes








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