Hairstyle trends and my favourite hairstyles.

Hairstyle trends and my favorite hairstyles.

In Summers, normally the hairstyle trend is tying the hair in a bun because of the unbearable hot weather and especially in Pune it is dry so one does not sweat like one would in a city like Mumbai.

  • In winters, generally the common hairstyles that are observed are braids and plaits. During fall and springtime, flower crowns is the in-thing.
  • flower crown edited.png

    My favourite hairstyle

    I like curls because it is a different hairstyle and looks classy  when it is pinned up on one side with a sequin clip.


    I used the curling iron to roll my hair  because it is quick especially when one does not have too much time like in the case of plastic rollers. The heated rollers also take some time to heat but are better than plastic rollers. The curling iron is thus convenient to use especially in last minute situations where one is either going for a formal dinner or a wedding . Normally I like to curl  my hair also because it is straight and it is a good change and gives a different look on my face too.

    There are times when while wearing a formal dress in terms of western wear I do the puff hairstyle like the picture above the green gown. But generally I puff my hair when I wear Indian clothes.

    edited curls in indian.png

      Nowadays I am experimenting with other hairstyles too apart from the curls and the puff hairstyle. I prefer the puff hair style occasionally . When my hair is oily and I have to go out I tie my hair in a high ponytail.  I also tie my hair  in a bun when I need a change from my pony tail.  In a bun  my face is visible and it is neat  and tidy especially when done properly.








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