Handbag Trends 2015

Handbag trends 2015.

I like to carry Michael Kors wristlet just to carry as all the time carrying a purse gets bulky  and inconvenient.  Wristlets can be used while going out for family dinners , movies with friends and dinner with friends.  I normally carry wristlets these days. On the other hand the last time I went to America for a holiday I bought a maroon Michael Kors crossbody that I find very convenient for shopping purposes.


A cross body purse fits in everything from a wallet , comb, lipstick to any other thing that one wants to fit inside it. While going for weddings I wear Louis Vuitton .  I also wear Louis Vuitton with western wear like a trendy black dress.

l.v black

l.v brown

My favourite colours in Michael Kors are green, grey and maroon. Michael Kors is the in -brand for handbags especially in India. I have also seen that in today’s times ladies match their colour of their clothes with the handbag they are carrying.

When I am carrying a handbag matching the colour of the purse with my clothes doesn’t matter much.  I love to wear contrast handbag with my clothes too.

colour combination for handbags 2

grey skirt and grey top edited




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