Effect of Shampoo on Hair

Initially I used to use dove shampoo was not good for my hair as my hair used to fall a lot. Then I switched to Biotech Herbal apple flavor. I used to apply when I would put oil only once a month or once a week.It is enriched with natural proteins, peppermint oil and mint leaf extracts. It softly cleans the hair and scalp, gives fresh growth and a healthier shine to the hair. It is also used for intensive hair growth.

Over a period of time I have started using Kaya Nourishing shampoo  which makes the hair silky and prevents hair fall. I have also started using another product of Kaya brightening micro mask 15ml which after keeping for 20 mins one can see the immediate results. I have always been using a dove conditioner as it is good and has not affected my hair in any way.


The ingredients of the Kaya nourishing shampoo are healthier unlike others which have a lot of chemicals that will damage the hair. The ingredients of the shampoo are hibiscus extracts which adds a gentle sheen to the hair while almond oil strengthens it from within reducing breaking of the hair.



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