My favourite brands and why I like them

The brands that I like are both national and International I like the vero moda Jeans by Kangana Ranaut. Last time when I went to America I was in love with Uniqlo jeggings. I love the Uniqlo brand as their clothes are very comfortable and look trendy when worn.

green jeggings

Wearing jeggings also hides the weight on your stomach it is funny but yes. Uniqlo has also lot of variety in colours like blue, grey, khaki, purple and olive green. I normally pick up dresses from Zara and Mango but being in a small city like Poona every second person is wearing the same thing.

Blue Jeggings

I like buying dresses from boutiques in koregaon park like envy, blush, diva,splurge and busy bee.

I like these boutiques as they have different designs from the regular stores , cheaper than malls and are not common among friends.

green gown

Grey dress

Pink Jumpsuit

For picking up t-shirts to wear on a daily basis I like Mango it gives a good and casual look. For a more trendy and formal wear I like vero moda as it has a good collection. Mango and vero Moda both are available in the malls in Pune.

When it comes to international brands I love Aeropostale for t-shirts and jackets because they are very comfortable, love the fabric and it is long –lasting. Even though the material for the t shirt is thin it looks trendy when worn. I like the different choices for t- shirts in terms of color, logo and some trendy with glitter on it.

pink hollister

Pink aeropostale t-shirt

 Lately when my mother went to America she bought a nice neon pink short skirt from Aeropostale and am waiting for a good occasion or a destination to wear it. For t-shirts I like Hollister too but prefer Aeropostale. Hollister tops especially have too many cuts here and there which I would not wear as I would get too conscious first of all and second being whether I can carry it off well in a city like Pune. The other brands I love when it comes to buying t-shirts casual and formal is banana republic and H & M.

Black and white h and m

I love shopping for accessories like ear-rings, necklaces and rings. The brands I like are international and available only in America like banana republic and Forever 21. I love the long necklace that is in fashion. Banana republic has different designs to choose from.  The ear- rings that I bought from banana republic are unique and you do not get them anywhere whether it is India or America. Forever -21 has different size rings mid-rings being in fashion now.  Forever-21 has big and small size rings with various designs to choose from.


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