My Style of Fashion

The way I dress up depends on the venue am going. For example in Pune places like Rama Krishna I would dress down. On the other hand places like five stars I would wear a dress or a shirt and jeans. In five star places I would dress up and add some make-up to enhance the whole look. As a child I was very fussy and did not like to wear shirts and sleeveless tops. Over a period of time I have started wearing both again. I was not very fussy earlier when I used to go shopping and would also buy from West side too.  Since my family loves travelling my mother picked up some soft cotton t-shirts from Turkey lovely.

T-shirt floral print

I love to wear jeggings with a t-shirt . This could be a dress up or a dress down depending on the″ alt=”Blue Jeggings and an orange top” width=”112″ height=”163″ />

Moving on from clothes to make up I like colours like blue and purple eye pencil for both down and up. I recommend Maybelline colossal kajal as it is long -lasting. Normally black is worn down and colourful up. I also like to put colour bar emerald green up. I am too fond of eye shadow or mascara but once a while I do apply mascara. I apply eye shadow more often than mascara.

For the lips I normally wear light colours like pink sizzle revlon is my favourite during the day. I prefer not to wear bright colours that are too loud for my skin like bright red, pink and orange. I end up wearing them more like a eye shadow or with Indian outfits like kurta and a churidar or something more heavy like lehenga for a wedding. I have other revlon lipsticks too that I wear . They are Iced Amethyst and coffee break. Purple as a child has always been my favourite colour and I love the purple lipstick that is available in most brands. I also wear lip balms that are effective . Lotus herbals strawberry is the best because it helps to rehydrate  dry and cracked lips.

I also like body shop lip balm honey balm lip butter which I got for my last birthday was amazing . My brother gifted me on my birthday. Earlier I have used other lip balms like the body shop strawberry flavour and other products got as gifts like the body shop soap and shower gel available in the body shop stores.

Love it
Body shop lip balm

When it comes to wearing ear-rings since as face is small I don’t wear big hoops. I love wearing small balli ear-rings, chandelier and designed pierced ear-rings, silver dangle ear-rings. Last holiday I bought some pretty ear -rings from Macy’s ballis and barbados circle chandelier green in colour, looks trendy when worn.

Barbados circle chandelier  

When I went to America last year I bought some necklaces from Banana Republic and some ear-rings too.

Banana republic

While going out I don’t get my size easily so there was a point where I had to go the kids section and buy. The girly designs though only the bellies were nice. Over a period of time I started buying customised shoes from Shradha Hedau based in Pune. We started designing from flats, wedges, gladiators flats and heels and finally stillettos. I love floral print so most of my foot wear is multi-coloured and floral.

Floral print with wedge heel

Block heelwhite and beige gladiatorsBlue fl


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